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New Swell

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The Wave: Bristol is awaiting a planning decision. Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest news.

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Engineering, Surfing and water are our passion, we are not the only ones! Look at this amazing film from Laird Hamilton.

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Video of the week by Morgan Maassen. Stunning underwater photography of waves.

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Meet Jack English. An Inspiration to anyone looking towards the future and wandering how it might feel to be in your latter years.

A film by Grace Jackson.

Simon Rickwood talks to The Wave, Wavegarden
We had a chance to catch up with Simon Rickwood and find out about his pursuit of happiness in Kernow. EXPLORE....

Simon Rickwood talks to The Wave, Wavegarden
We have been working with Bristol students to create a Creative Wave Hub. The content they are developing is mind-blowing! Here is a photo from one of the students. ©EmilyRose.

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An Interview with Nick Hounsfield by Summer Brookes

Kristine Khan talks to The Wave, Wavegarden
Total Khanage. Ultimate surfboard upcycling. EXPLORE...

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The Wave, Wavegarden